Child Maintenance Agreement Template Ireland

You can follow the instructions of a written agreement on GOV.UK. If you write your agreement, you can clearly indicate what you have agreed. This will not make your agreement legally binding. They can directly reconcile the maintenance of the child. This is called a private or “family-based” agreement. If the parties are unable to agree on support, either party can apply to the courts for a support order. An application for maintenance may be made either to the District Court, to the Circuit Court or, exceptionally, to the High Court. The maximum amount of maintenance, which can be awarded by decision of the district court, is € 150 per week per child. If you want a larger amount, you have to go to the Circuit Court or the High Court. It`s a good idea to write down what you agree with and write down all the discussions you`ve had.

This could help if you have disagreements in the future. If you have a support order, you can also make payments directly to the receiving parent instead of paying through the court. Raising a child can be expensive, and ideally, both parents, regardless of their relationship with the other, contribute to a child`s education costs. In Ireland, the law states that both parents are financially responsible for their children, regardless of their living situation. But that doesn`t mean it`s an easy situation to decide who pays how much. Child maintenance in Ireland is complicated – keep reading to find out what you need to know. You don`t need to talk to a lawyer or other professional first, although you can use a mediator (an independent third party) to reach an agreement. Navigating children`s accommodation can be a delicate and emotional topic. But with education and research, you can feel comfortable if you know you`re doing the best for your child, regardless of your situation. With this information, you should have a good start to knowing how to handle child maintenance in Ireland, even if you live elsewhere. Knowledge is power and, in this case, your best tool to take care of your child. You can use the Child Maintenance Calculator on GOV.UK to get an idea of how much the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) would charge the one of you who will pay for the payment.

You can use this figure as a basis for your negotiations.