Campervan Rental Agreement Template

Otherwise, the tenant will remain responsible to the owner and will have to respect the clauses of the contract until a solution is found to the incident or the problem(s) declared. When a fine is imposed for infringement during the rental period, the tenant is obliged to pay it as soon as the fine is presented. If the landlord receives a toll for tolls that have been crossed during a rental, the landlord must send proof of such tolls to Yescapa and Yescapa will require the tenant to pay these fees immediately. The tenant must pay this fee from the first request. If possible, the card used to pay the rent will be used to pay these fees. If the renter damages the interior and / or exterior of the vehicle, his responsibility is maintained and asks him to pay the amount of repairs or the amount of the deductible that he uses himself. The vehicle and accessories made available to the renter must be returned in the condition found when handing over the vehicle for the beginning of the rental. The loss or deterioration, even partial, of the vehicle or accessory obliges the renter to pay the full amount of the repairs on presentation of an offer or invoice (depending on the type of repair). Responsibility for the rental agreement and/or any other relevant element (report, eyewitness, third party) is assumed through the rental agreement. If the deposit is managed by Yescapa as part of the rental, the tenant authorizes Yescapa to recover the amount of the sums due in accordance with the conditions described in Article 11.

The return of the rented vehicle must be done in a very well lit place in order to be able to fill out the return inventory form in good condition. This return form must be completed and signed by the same person who handed over the vehicle to the renter and completed the departure inventory form. All parts and surfaces of the vehicle shall be examined, including the upper parts of the vehicle. The refundable deposit can be paid by credit or debit card and must be charged before we can release the vehicle for your motorhome holiday. I agree that I will not allow and will not allow the vehicle during the rental period: it will be available at any time via your dashboard on the management tab of your rentals. All you need to do is print it out and bring it to sign when you pick up the keys. The deposit can be used to cover the costs of repairing the vehicle in the event of a claim. It can also be used to cover the insurance deductible. The deposit will also cover mileage overruns and any amount that the tenant owes to the landlord as a result of the rent, in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement. The management of the deposit is subject to the signature of both parties (tenants and owners) of the rental contract and the signature at departure and the return of the rent. The deposit covers the deductible of campervan insurance.

If you have damage to the vehicle, you are liable up to that amount before the insurance pays. The only reason you are not covered by insurance is if you do not comply with the insurance conditions that we find in our terms and conditions of sale on our site (things like driving in the field, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.). If you damage the vehicle, we receive an offer and you only pay for the damage plus all the costs for us, i.e. the time to take the vehicle to be repaired and the fuel plus the rental days. This is only valid up to the amount of the deposit, unless you have not complied with our General Terms and Conditions. The renter must replace all vehicle equipment used or damaged during the rental period, including windshield wipers, toilet card or incandescent bulbs….