Agreement On Economic And Technical Cooperation Between The Governments Of The Philippines And China

14. Recognising the need for coordinated action to combat cross-border crime, the relevant agencies of both countries will improve cooperation and communication to combat cross-border offences, including telecommunications fraud, online fraud, cybercrime, drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings and wildlife, subject to mutually agreed agreements. Memorandum of Understanding on Mining Cooperation between the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (DTI) and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). Signed on January 18, 2005, January 18, 2005. The two sides pledge to strengthen cooperation between their respective coast guards to address maritime emergencies and humanitarian and environmental issues in the South China Sea, such as the safety of life and property at sea and the protection and conservation of the marine environment, in accordance with generally recognized principles of international law. including the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea. Joint statement between the People`s Republic of China and the Republic of China of the Philippines The agreements appear to favour unregulated and massive aquaculture that has proven to be harmful to the environment. The aquaculture industry attracts consumers with low prices and illusions of sustainability, but the effects of this “blue revolution” are being felt individually and globally. Aquaculture is being marketed as a new source of protein, but consumers are not hearing all the facts. Fish feed, such as plankton, is harvested from the sea to feed farmed seafood, putting wild fish populations at an even greater risk and ultimately resulting in a net loss of protein. This would result in a loss of food for other aquatic animals and lead to their extinction. Not only are the oceans still depleted, but many aquaculture farms need astonishing amounts of antibiotics, fungicides, algae cides and pesticides to combat the diseases that plague polluted ponds that have been planted for shrimp harvesting. Research shows that bacteria exposed to antibiotics can become more resistant to these antibiotics over time, and patients infected with such bacteria are more difficult to treat.

The fifth agreement to be signed was the Memorandum of Understanding on the Employment of Filipino English Teachers in China, signed by Minister of Labor and Labor Silvestre Bello III and Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua. And to promote the national interest of the State, the State must ensure that equality and mutual benefit lead to the conclusion of bilateral agreements. The economic and technical cooperation agreement between the Philippines and China, which includes the provision by the Chinese authorities of a renminbi subsidy of 15 million renminbi, is not among the benefits that China will enjoy from the Philippines. The MOA with Jiangnan Wholesale Market, which provides the DA with an area of 5,000 square meters for the Philippine tropics in China`s largest fruit and vegetable center, is not based on equality, as this area is relatively small compared to the areas used by China in our country. In addition, according to a cost-benefit analysis, the Philippines would spend more than the return it could get from this Jiangnan wholesale market, given that the prices of goods in this market are relatively low compared to our expenses. . . .

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