A Void Agreement Is One Which Is Mcq

(C) The agreement is applicable to the girl. Statement – The terms of the contract between Sunder and Bhola are uncertain, which is why it is not valid. (C) The agreement is valid because it applies to the civil service for remuneration. 28. “Consensus – ad – idem” means ……. (a) General consensus (b) Opinion meeting on the same in the same sense (c) Reaching an agreement (d) Getting a contract (B) The agreement is nullity because the rupees are 5.00.000/ – exaggerated. Question 4. Legal principle: an agreement concluded by a bet/bet is not applicable by law. 11. Any agreement and promise applicable by law is ………… (a) Offer Q9. Principle: betting agreements are inexigable.

Agreements ancillary to betting contracts are valid. Question 6. Principle: any agreement the object or consideration of which is due to public policy is annulled. An agreement which tends to prejudice the public interest or the common good is contrary to public policy. What constitutes an attack on the public interest or the common good depends on the times and circumstances. 7. The agreement of uncertain importance is (a) nullity (C) A cannot require B, since the agreement was void because of its uncertainty and the limitation of trade. (C) Thomas does not have to share the three lakhs with Raja and Hoja, as this is the result of an unenforceable agreement. Explanation – Appointments to the civil service can only be made on the basis of merit and not on foreign economy considerations such as the payment of money. Consequently, the agreement between A and B is contrary to public policy. (a) include a time limit whose non-compliance would be presumed. (b) intend to establish legal relations.

(c) specific and unambiguous terms. (d) to the person to whom it is made. Although the ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) is considered a better investment instrument, hasn`t this stimulated the imagination of small investors in India for the following reasons? (A) The agreement is inconclusive, as the purpose and consideration for it are contrary to public policy. Question 1. Principle: the sale of spirits is illegal. Not all agreements relating to contraband exist in the eyes of the law. 1. An agreement shall consist of mutual commitments between at least 4.

In the case of purely national agreements, the intention of the parties to establish a legal relationship is Q8. Principle: An agreement to restrict trade is not applicable and is not applicable. An agreement whose terms are not secure is inconclusive. 30. If an agreement suffers from uncertainties. It`s…….. (a) Countervailable (b) Invalid (c) Unenforceable (d) Illegal. 3. The contract is defined as an agreement that can be imposed by law, empty section.

of the Indian Contract Act. 31. All illegal agreements are …….. (a) Invalid- ab- initio (b) Valid (c) Eventual (d) Enforceable (D) This is a contract punishable by compensatory measures at the choice of Bhola.     [CLAT 2017] (D) The agreement is valid, as it is a contract between two parties with their free consent. (C) This agreement is valid, but unenforceable after the death of Manus. (A) This Agreement is not applicable and is not applicable to the extent that it is a trade restriction. . . .

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